STUCO at Animal Shelter

Where the Wild Things Are!!
Posted on 04/04/2017
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MMMS STUCO: Where the Wild Things Are!

“Wow! All we can say is what an eye-opening experience this was for us!” stated Angela Peyton, Student Council Sponsor for Mike Moses Middle School. The middle school student council members participated in yet another community service project Saturday, April 1st. While at the animal shelter, students received first-hand knowledge and experience on just how hard the staff and volunteers work to help these homeless animals find as many homes as possible. Students learned that frightened animals are comforted, sick and injured animals receive treatment and their living area is kept clean and dry. Fortunately, hundreds of homeless and unwanted animals end up in animal shelters that are staffed by professional, caring people.

The main focus of the shelter is on dogs and cats. Students were trained on protective methods used to handle puppies, large dogs and cats. While at the shelter, STUCO members were instructed on the importance of caring for puppies in order to prevent the spread of the deadly puppy disease, parvo. Animals were fed, cats and kittens were played with, puppies were loved and the most difficult part was walking (or running, rather) the large dogs.

Students and sponsor walked away with a new appreciation for the love and care and how hard our city volunteers and staff work to save and protect the homeless animals in our city. Thank you, Nacogdoches Animal Shelter, for all you do for our pets!