Science Class Got Micro Flipped

Science Class Got Micro-Flipped

Mike Moses Middle School Science Class just got Micro-Flipped!




NACOGDOCHES – Technology is constantly changing and updating in the field of education. Mike Moses Middle School sixth grade science teacher Angela Peyton has micro-flipped her classroom with Google Classroom and her students can’t get enough of it!


“I spent eight hours creating a WebQuest after I realized how fast they were completing the assignments posted in Google Classroom,” said Peyton. “The WebQuest posted in Google Classroom is an inquiry-oriented lesson format in which most or all the information that learners work with comes from the web. I expected groups to finish within a week or two, but some groups had it turned in after one day of being posted!”


The assignments posted in Google Classroom include a variety of differentiated instruction that allows students different avenues of learning while working at their own pace. Peyton has created a Google Classroom for each of her four science classes. Out of approximately 100 students, 50 to 70 percent are actively learning on Google Classroom at home.


Each class has a class code that allows students and parents to access the Google Classroom. Students can participate in discussions at any time of the day and collaborate on assignments. Parents are able to see the summarization of those classroom discussions.


“Some students don’t because of access at home,” said Peyton. “ so I give students ten to fifteen minutes in class to earn points by completing Google Classroom assignments.”


Points earned by completing assignments on Google Classroom can be used to raise other class grades. Students can earn points by commenting on video clips pertaining to the objective taught in class. Comments are also made on the weekly science picture or reading posted NEWSELA articles and completing quizzes related to the article.


By micro-flipping her classroom, Peyton can create a more detailed focus on specific topics, create a team-like atmosphere, generate formative assessments which provides a guide for making decisions about future instruction, and build positive parent/student communication.


“When I started Google Classroom it was crazy!” said Peyton. “I would receive email notification of student activity at 11 p.m. and 1 a.m.”


“Integrating Google Classroom has definitely contributed to improvements on the latest CBAs and regular classroom tests to Google Classroom,” said Peyton. “Students can collaborate through the classroom by working on projects and asking each other questions.”


“Make it relevant and students can connect with it,” said Peyton. “Then learning is going to take place.”


Google Classroom is catching on at Mike Moses with other teachers slowly bring Google Classroom into their classes.


“I think this [Google Classroom] is this way – the missing link,” said Peyton. “My next goal is to incorporate gaming.”